Tarka Dhal

Tarka DhalDhal is perhaps the unsung hero of Indian cuisine. All too often dismissed as a poor man’s curry or a dreary side dish, dhal is in fact so much more. Nutritious, simple and varied, dhal deserves to feature in any Indian meal. Personally, I could happily tuck into just a bowl of dhal and rice!

This recipe is dhal in its purest form. Flavoured with turmeric and seasoned with a tarka, this dhal recipe is delightfully simple and incredibly tasty.

The recipe uses two different types of dhal, red and yellow, but feel free just use 150g of either.

Unlike curries, dhal is best eaten on the same day it is made.

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Mushroom and Lemony Lentils

Sometimes all you need to produce culinary magic is a couple of tins of lentils, a few basic ingredients…and 24 hours.

Mushroom & Lemon Lentils with Sausage and Roasted Red Pepper & Tabasco SauceThis recipe is store-cupboard alchemy at its best and is a great healthy alternative to the usual starch-demons that plague us all, like mash potatoes or rice. Infinitely adaptable, these lentils go well with just about anything; from grilled meats, to a stand-alone salad – this is healthy eating at its most appealing.

These lentils go particularly well with a piquant counterpoint, such as a Roasted Red Pepper and Tabasco Sauce, perhaps dotted with some Crema di Balsamico.

If you plan to serve it as a salad, top with some sliced avocado and perhaps some pomegranate seeds.

Most recently, I partnered these lentils some grilled Toulouse sausage from Rudi’s and it was simply delectable!

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