Nori Tamagoyaki (Rolled Omelette with Nori)

A variation on the traditional Japanese Rolled Omelette (tamagoyaki), Nori Tamagoyaki is as visually appealing, as it is delicious!

As with all tamagoyaki, this version is also normally cooked in a makiyakinabe, a rectangular pan specifically designed to churn out perfectly formed rolled omelettes. While it is possible to make it in a regular omelette pan, it will be a little harder to achieve the desired shape. However, with a bit of creative trimming, you may still be able to approximate the perfect tamagoyaki!

When it comes to the technique of rolling your nori tamagoyaki, the same principles apply as when rolling a plain tamagoyaki. A calm head and timing are essential. As with a regular tamagoyaki, you need to start rolling the omelette whilst the egg is still a little wet. However, when you layer the nori onto the wet egg, you need to leave a small gap around the perimeter of the egg mixture otherwise the layers will not stick together when you start rolling.

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Nori Tamagoyaki (Rolled Omelette with Nori): Makes 1

  • 4 large eggs
  • 3 tbsp. dashi stock, cooled
  • 1 tbsp. caster sugar
  • 1/2 tsp. soya sauce
  • Salt, just a pinch
  • Nori, 2 sheets


  1. Combine all the ingredients into a bowl and whisk thoroughly. Strain the egg mixture through a sieve for a uniform colour
  2. Cut the nori sheets in a similar shape (but slightly smaller) to your intended omelette
  3. Heat a your makiyakinabe or omelette pan, add a little bit of oil. Using a piece of kitchen paper, spread the oil around the pan
  4. Pour 1/4 of the egg mixture into the pan, making sure the egg spreads evenly
  5. Just before it sets, add the first sheet of nori (leaving a gap around the edge of the omelette
  6. Roll the omelette away from you towards the front of the pan – I use two chopsticks to do this
  7. Push the roll to the back of the pan
  8. Add the same amount of egg mixture to the pan again. Slightly lift the first roll so that some of the wet egg mixture adheres to the bottom of the roll
  9. Add your next sheet of nori
  10. Using the first roll of egg, roll the omelette towards the front of the pan
  11. Repeat the process until all the egg mixture and nori is used up
  12. Place the finished omelette on a chopping board and allow to cool for a moment
  13. Cover with cling-film, and using a sushi rolling-mat, gently mould the omelette into your preferred shape (I like a square nori tamagoyaki)
  14. Remove the cling-film and place on a cooling rack (not a chopping board as this will make the omelette soggy)
  15. Allow to cool completely before slicing



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